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Educators' Guide for Pedagogy and Assessment

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Learning Area: Languages

Russian > LEVEL 7

Subject Focus: Speaking

1] I can meet, greet, say goodbye and use expressions e.g. Здравствуйте!, Доброе утро!, Добрый день!, Добрый вечер!, Привет!, До свидания!, Пока!
2] I can introduce myself, say my age, birthday, nationality and where I live.
3] I can use different forms of address to speak to friends, teachers and people I do not know, using formal and informal modes of address and language.
4] I am able to apologise, express gratitude and congratulate others, in Russian, using appropriate phrases for the social context e.g. Извините. Спасибо. Поздравляю.
5] I can talk briefly about myself.
6] I can introduce my relatives and friends using words related to age, nationality and residence.
7] I know how to ask simple questions.
8] I can understand and answer simple questions.
9] I can communicate with others and can build a short dialogue in Russian, using simple language.

Subject Focus: Listening

1] I can follow simple commands.
2] I can understand spoken familiar words, expressions and simple proposals that relate to myself and my social and cultural environment.
3] I am able to recognise different figures of speech, such as interrogatives, declarative and imperative sentences.
4] I can recognise dialogue cues and participate in short conversations appropriately.

Subject Focus: Reading

1] I can read short and very simple texts in Russian fluently e.g.instructions on packets or visitors' information.
2] I can use a bilingual dictionary.

Subject Focus:  Writing

1] I can write upper and lower case Russian letters.
2] I can provide ownership details in my exercise book e.g. name, class, subject.
3] I am able to write simple words and sentences.
4] I am able to create a card.
5] I can create simple greeting cards and write an address.
6] I am able to write short texts about myself, my family and my friends.

Subject Focus: Sociocultural competence

1] I am able to work in groups: assign responsibilities, estimate the amount of time and work, obtain general information and determine its value.
2] I am able to take part in different social roles in given situations.
3] I respect other people and appreciate that different people have different opinions.

Subject Focus: Grammar

1] I know two classes of nouns: animate and inanimate e.g. Что это? Это класс.
Это азбука. Это окно. Кто это?
Это ученик. Это учительница.

2] I know nouns in singular and plural e.g. гриб - грибы, мяч - мячи, лампа - лампы, девочка - девочки, окно - окна, море - моря.
3] I know the three genders of nouns: masculine e.g. брат (он, мой), feminine e.g. брат (он, мой), neutral e.g. письмо (оно, моё).
4] I know three declensions of nouns: first e.g. мама, семья, second e.g. мальчик, дождь, third e.g. слово, море.
5] I know six cases of nouns: nominative, genitive, accusative, dative, locative, instrumental.
6] I know common irregular forms of nouns e.g друзья, дома.
7] I know how to use adjectives in long forms in all cases singular and plural and adjectives with the prefix 'не'.
8] I know how to use forms of adverbs with the suffix 'o' e.g. быстро.
9] I know how to use personal pronouns in all cases.
10] I know how to use possessive pronouns in the nominative, singular and plural e.g. его, её, их.
11] I know how to use different tenses in verbs e.g. present, imperfect and perfect, past and imperfect future.
12] I know how to use infinitives.
13] I know how to use reflexive verbs.
14] I know how to use common imperatives e.g.  Дай, дайте and classroom commands only.
15] I know the standard use of the verbs ходить, идти, пойти and ездить, ехать, поехать.
16] I know how to use impersonal contructions e.g. Надо (=нужно) present tense and Можно present tense.
17] I know the time and dates in Russian: the 24-hour clock format e.g. 8.30 19.25; days and months; important personal information such as birthday, telephone number, address; other important dates.
18] I know how to use negation: simple negation using не, нет + genitive.
19] I know how to use numbers and quantity: cardinal numbers in nominative, other cases for common uses, ordinal numbers for dates, ordinal numbers when referring to floor numbers e.g. на первом этаже.

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