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Educators' Guide for Pedagogy and Assessment

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Learning Area: Languages

Arabic > LEVEL 7

Subject Focus: Listening

1] I can recognise words, phrases and simple sentences in spoken Arabic.
2] I can identify and differentiate between similar sounding phonemes.
3] To include also family
4] I can understand questions and instructions and follow short and simple directions.
5] I can recognise and understand spoken texts
6] I can understand numbers and their use in contexts such as counting, reading prices and telling the time.
7] I can listen to and understand the names of colours and shapes.
8] I can find correct answers to questions after listening to a short text with familiar vocabulary, more than once.
9] I can understand simple and specific instructions.
10] I can understand titles and pictures related to a topic of a familiar subject related to a given list of vocabulary.
11] I can recall and understand.
12] I can understand the vocabulary in a simple conversation and predict the words I am likely to hear within a familiar topic.
13] this should be moved to level 8 and eliminate news bulletin

Subject Focus: Speaking

1] I can use simple words and phrases to communicate about everyday situations.
2] I can use vocabulary learnt in class to get information, ask simple questions and express feelings.
3] I can talk about myself in short declarative statements.
4] I can participate in simple conversations and communicate basic ideas using familiar topics.
5] I can pronounce letters and words accurately, most of the time.
6] I can identify and use key expressions, basic 
7] I can try and reproduce the basic phonetic intonation and stress in patterns of speech for effective communication.
8] I can use some common courtesy phrases in specific social occasions.
9] I can look at the teacher or native speakers and try and imitate the shape of their mouths.
10] I can listen to simple recorded interactions and try and repeat aloud the useful expressions
I hear.
12] I  can recall words and expressions that I already know and put them into sentences.

Subject Focus: Reading

1]  I can match sententences to images and identify the main points of a text.
2] I can identify and understand key words, phrases and simple sentences.
3] I can understand short simple messages and simple written instructions.
5] I can readand understand simple texts.
6] I can use interactive websites in Arabic to undertake basic language learning activities, such as 'drag and drop' or matching words or phrases.
8] I  can get clues from the title and from any pictures to help me guess what a text is about. 
9] Instructions, sms or email.
10] I can read, understand and differentiate words written with short vowels. 

Subject Focus: Writing

1] I can write and copy the Arabic alphabet in Naskh, connecting letters appropriately to form correctly spelt words using a pen or a keyboard. 
2] I can label pictures of objects and people.
3] I can write short simple messages or notes to friends with help in a supported learning environment using a pen or a keyboard.
4] I can produce short, basic descriptions of everyday activities and familiar matters using a pen or a keyboard.
5] I can use models to write text and convey personal information and ideas.
6] I can fill in personal details in simple forms.
7] I can write correct answers to questions set on simple written texts when comprehension vocabulary is listed and explained.
10] I can list specific keywords.

Subject Focus: Heritage and culture

1] I can identify Arabic solar calendar and name  some festivals and public celebrations, in Arab speaking countries.

Subject Focus: Grammar

1] I can distinguish between alphabetical letters and diacritical marks e.g. tashkeel etc. and combine them into syllables and words.
2] I acknowledge the importance of learning grammar in the context of Arabic.
3] I can identify Arabic as a Semitic language and how some of the general characteristics of this language group appear in Arabic.
4] I can distinguish the concept of grammatical inflection and its role in Arabic.
5] Non inanimate lurals take the feminine singular after 'adjectives and noun-adjective agreement.
6] I can use greetings and courtesy expressions in MSA. 
7] I can work out what I am reading e.g. if it is a set of instructions, sms or email.

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