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Educators' Guide for Pedagogy and Assessment

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Learning Area: Science and Technology 


Subject Focus: ICT in Today's World 

1] I can recount the history of technology and the Internet and name some of the contributors who shaped today’s ICT landscape e.g. Alan Turing, Joan Clarke, Tim Berners-Lee, CERN and others.
2] I can describe the influence that World War II and the military had on technology e.g. the Enigma machine and the creation of the supercomputers.
3] I can describe the evolution of today’s technological landscape and the events that shaped it e.g. the Operating Systems War, the Browser War, the Homebrew Computer Club and the Social Media Revolution.
4] I can explain what a computer is and can list reasons why people need computers.
5] I can distinguish between the different types and uses of computers namely supercomputers, clusters, mainframes, gaming rigs, workstations, laptops, tablets, smart phones and wearables (wearable computers).
6] I am able to discuss in a group the impacts of social networking on today’s lifestyle.
7] I can describe what a digital footprint is, how it affects me and my job prospects.
8] I can identify ways how digital footprints can be cleaned. 
9] I can identify and distinguish between the various types of input devices e.g. capacitive touchscreen, mechanical keyboards and biometric devices.
10] I can identify and distinguish between the various types of output devices e.g. 3D-printers, holograms, augmented reality and the different types of screen technology.
11] I can identify and distinguish between the various types of storage devices e.g. solid-state hard drive, optical drives and online storage resources.
12] I can determine, classify, describe, differentiate and use objects in the same way as a computer does (the Objective World).
13] I am able to work in a group to plan and create a game that utilises objects, triggers and scoring, by using a visual programming language e.g. KoduTM.
14] I can create a digital multitrack song with the help of freeware and ready samples e.g. Soundation StudioTM.

Subject Focus: Robotics, Automation and an Introduction to Computer Systems

1] I can create a short animation depicting my favourite hobby using free online animation tools e.g. Pivot SickfigureTM, StykzTM, Anim8orTM, SynfigTMAnimation-ishTM, Flip Boom ClassicTM, StoryboardTM, ALiceTM, BlenderTM, AniboomTM.
2] I am able to draw a simple input-processing-output model e.g. the Von-Neumann Block Model.
3] I can differentiate between the units of storage.
4] I can differentiate between the main memory and the secondary storage and highlight their characteristics e.g. volatility
5] I can identify specific roles in technology and computer related fields e.g. game-creators, sound and video producers, hackers and security specialists, digital entertainers and robotics engineers.
6] I can create a mind-map to outline an original game concept.
7] I can describe how a 3D-printer works and where it is used.
8] I can differentiate between Stereolithographic and Fused Deposition Modelling in 3D-printing.
9] I can search and download a 3D printable model from an open source 3D-model website e.g. ThingiverseTM.
10] I can use a 3D-printer to print a readily available open-source downloaded 3D-model.
11] I can describe how IoT (Internet of Things) works and how it will affect my life. 
12] I am able to work in a team to create a robot that achieves a simple task.

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