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Educators' Guide for Pedagogy and Assessment

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Learning Area: Languages

Maltese as a Foreign Language > LEVEL 5

Subject Focus: Writing

1] I can write simple notes to my friends e.g. a text message or short letter.
2] I can describe where I live.
3] I can fill in applications and other forms with personal details.
4] I can write simple phrases and sentences that aren’t in context.
5] I can write simple and short messages in greeting cards.
6] I can write short letters and messages using a dictionary.

Subject Focus: Reading

1] I can understand the generic idea of simple extracts of information and short and simple descriptions, especially those including pictures as help e.g. poster, card, timetable in a newspaper.
2] I can understand short and simple texts by connecting familiar names, words and basic phrases when I read the text more than once.
3] I can follow short simple instructions in writing especially those with pictures as help.
4] I can recognise familiar names, words and simple phrases in simple notices used in everyday situations.
5] I can understand short and simple messages like, for example, messages in greeting cards.

Subject Focus: Listening

1] I can understand everyday expressions having to do with simple and concrete essentials in clear, slow and repetitive conversation e.g. common expressions such as: good morning, goodbye, thank you, you’re welcome, pleased to meet you and good night.
2] I can follow a conversation that is slow, clearly articulated with long pauses so I can understand.
3] I can understand questions and instructions and follow simple and short directions.
4] I can understand numbers, prices and times.

Subject Focus: ​Speaking

1] I can participate in a simple conversation as long as the other person speaks slowly and repeats, so I can understand better.
2] I can ask and answer simple questions on everyday subjects.
3] I can use simple phrases and sentences to describe where I live and the people I know.

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