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Educators' Guide for Pedagogy and Assessment

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Learning Area: Mathematics

Core Mathematics > LEVEL 10

Learning Area Outcome: I can identify, interpret and analyse mathematical information, simplify and solve problems, assess risk and make informed decisions.

Subject Focus: Mathematical Application

1] I can set ambitious yet achievable project goals.
2] I can develop a mathematical maturity demonstrated  by displaying a critical mathematical attitude. 
3] I can apply appropriate rigour in a mathematical argument. 
4] I can solve complex multi-stage problems involving the use of a range of different mathematical techniques autonomously.
5] I can explain the important contribution mathematics has made to another field of knowledge. 
6] I can use the advanced functionality on a calculator, including the scientific calculator functions.

Learning Area Outcome: I can recognise and describe patterns and relationships in various mathematical ways and can use algebraic manipulations.

Subject Focus: Algebra - Fundamentals of Algebra

1] I can understand the relationship between y = f(x) and its graph and be able to identify what role the variables x and y have in such equations.
2] I can find the derivative of y = ax^n.
3] I can find the solution to an inequality or set of inequalities on a graph by shading the appropriate regions.

Learning Area Outcome: I understand and use various forms of measurement and can make reasonable estimations. 

Subject Focus: Shape, Space and Measures - Measures

1] I can calculate the area of segments of a circle.
2] I can calculate the area of sectors and segments of a circle.
3] I can find the distance between two points given the coordinates.
4] I can work with vectors with 2D using the base unit vectors i and j.

Learning Area Outcome: I can collect, analyse, interpret and communicate statistical information.

Subject Focus: ​Data Handling and Chance - Statistics

1] I understand that standard deviation is a measure that is used to quantify the amount of variation of a set of data and can work out situations related to the standard deviation.

Learning Area Outcome:  I understand the ideas of chance and uncertainty and can work out probability calculations.

Subject Focus: Data Handling and Chance - Probability

1] I can understand set notation.
2] I can work out simple situations involving the probability, the union and intersection of two events.

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