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Unit: LO 1.


Learning Outcome: Recognize computer systems

1: List commonly used computer systems found around us.
2: Identify the characteristics of commonly used computer systems.
3: Outline what a computer is used for.
1: Discuss why a computer is used to perform certain tasks.

Learning Outcome: Identify different computer peripheral devices

4: Label the different peripheral devices in a computer system.
5: Select the best peripheral device to do a particular task.
2: Classify different computer peripheral devices as input and output.
1: Install a peripheral device.

Learning Outcome: Practice computer use

6: Identify different parts of an operating system interface.
7: Label common icons used by an operating system.
8: Relate different icons with the software they represent.
3: Explain the use of commonly used software.
2: Use a word processor to create a simple document.
3: Send an email.

Learning Outcome: Surf the Internet responsibly

9: Present the risks associated with irresponsible use of the Internet.
10: List the effects of using the Internet irresponsibly.
4: Discuss the best way to use the Internet safely.
5: Discuss measures you would take if exposed to an online risk.

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