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Unit: Identifying different computer components and creating a simple video


Learning Outcome: Recognize various storage device

1: I can list different storage devices used with a computer system.
2: I can order typical storage media according to their typical size.
3: I can outline the reasons for making a backup.
1: I can justify your choice of storage media for different situations.

1: I can store and retrieve a file from a storage device.

Learning Outcome: Identify different internal computer component

4: I can identify the main internal components of a PC.
5: I can relate different ports with their devices.
Types of ports: USB; VGA; audio jack; network port; HDMI.
Devices: e.g. screen, keyboard, mouse, modem, printer, scanner, speakers, microphone, USB flash drive.

2: I can describe the function of various internal computer components.
2: I can connect external devices to a computer system.
Connect devices: keyboard; mouse; screen; speakers; modem/switch.Test for functionality as to ensure that devices were properly connected.

Learning Outcome: Produce a video clip

6: I can list common uses associated with the video medium.
7: I can outline the aspects which have to be considered when planning a video.
3: I can explain how you would plan a simple video story.
4: I can justify the most appropriate tools you would use to take and edit a video.
3: I can create a simple video sequence for a given theme.
Planning: identify theme and targeted audience and plan the video production;
Production: record short sequences of film; use a video editor to place them one after the other;
Output: export video in an appropriate format.

Learning Outcome: Use the computer responsibly

8: I can list common ways in which computers can get damaged.
9: I can outline ways how we can harm ourselves when using the computer.
10: I can present common maintenance techniques used to keep a computer working appropriately.
5: I can explain how you would plan a computer workspace.
Plan: light source; desk space; seating type; screen position; support mats and foot stand; environment.
Environment: e.g. air, humidity, heat, noise, natural light.

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