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Unit: 1. Basic aspects of retail, sales and customer care


Learning Outcome: 1.I can understand the basic characteristics of the retail sector and related occupations

1. I can list the main elements of the retail sector
Main Elements :the retailer;the retail outlet; products; services
2. I can list examples of different types of retail channels used within the Maltese context
Examples of retail channels :Eg shops;catalogues,online selling,flea markets,showroom,television shopping,mobile kiosks, door to door trading,supermarkets,shopping complexes
3. I can list the characteristics of the local retail environment
The Local Retail Environment:Sole traders;small scale companies;highly competitive environment;limited market size
4. I can name examples of different retail occupations
Retail Occupations:Eg Sales assistant, stock controller,shelf stacker,customer service representatives,store manager,supervisor, team leader, delivery person,warehouse supervisor

Learning Outcome: 2. I can recognise the importance of teamwork in retail

5. I can recall positive factors of teamwork in a retail environment
Positive factors:Eg valuing the strengths of others, valuing the attributes and opinions of other team members, working towards common goals, providing support to teach others, accepting advice, listening, communicating with other teams, communicating with other departments,
1. I can recognise how teamwork contributes to a good working environment and business success
Teamwork , good working enviornment and business success : Team productivity; dealing with stressful situations;working together to solve problems; good customer experience; building and maintaining the team;motivation
1. I can demonstrate effective teamwork skills in a supervised group retail scenario
Effective teamwork skills :active participation; creativity ; problem solving ; working with others ;effective communication

Learning Outcome: 3. I can recall the basics of selling in retail

6. I can list the factors that influence customer expectations
Factors :social and deomgraphic f
factors;economic factors; level of education and experience; competitor products
7. I can recall the five steps of the selling process
The five steps :Eg; meet and greet, understand needs, demonstration, summarise, closing the sale
8. I can list examples of factors that indicate the close of a sale
Factors :eg. spending time looking at the product, asking questions about details,asking about price, requesting more information, asking for payment details, tryoung out the produc,tbody language,questioning by the customer
2. I can describe using points the basic communication skills essential in the selling process
Basic communication skills for the selling process:greeting;questioning;empathy;checking
for understanding;feedback;termination
3. I can illustrate through a basic drawing the main structure of a typical retail Point of Sale System
POS structureCash  drawer;computer;monitor;receipt printer;customer display;barcode scanner

Learning Outcome: 4. I can assist in providing good customer service in a retail environment

9 I can list the benefits of good customer service for retail business
Benefits of good customer service: engagement of customer;increased sales and profits;customer retention;positive image 
2. I can apply  appropriate personal care methods and  body language when working in retail
Personal Care :body odour;hair care ;bad breath;clean shoes;overall cleanliness;uniform care
Body language :posture;eye contact;use of appropriate tone of voice;gestures
3. I can assist a more experienced member of staff  or a supervisor to deal with a customer in a retail environment
Assistance to more experienced members of staff  when dealing with a customer :
following instructions of the more experienced member of staff ; ;dealing with basic customer queries of a general and basic nature; demonstrate active listening; remaining calm when faced with a difficult customer;discussing the situation with the more experienced member or supervisor for further learning

Learning Outcome: 5. I can recall basic elements related to consumer rights in Malta

10. I can list the key elements related to consumer rights in Malta
Key elements  The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority; the Malta Communications Authority;the Consumer Claims Tribunal; the Consumer Affairs Act
5. I can describe the  key rights of consumers when buying goods and services
Rights :The right to receive information about the two year legal guarantee of conformity of goods; rights related to the delivery of goods; rights related to the return of unwanted goods; rights related to deposits

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