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Visual and Performing Arts

  • Learning Area Outcomes Framework
    Introduction to the Learning Area Outcomes
    A definition and description of the purpose of learning within the learning area:
    By offering inspiration and enhancing enjoyment through participation and engagement the visual and performing arts have a unique place in the lives of all learners in Malta. Creative and cultural practices underpin national identities and are vital for locating cultural heritage in contemporary production.
    Learning Area Outcomes:
    I understand that imaginative activity can be harnessed to produce outcomes that contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of Malta and the wider world.
    I am able to draw on my curiosity, imagination and divergent thinking processes to pose questions and explore ideas, spaces, materials and technologies.
    I can apply my understanding of the properties of media and of techniques to specific tasks and purposes that will benefit user groups and audiences.
    I understand the capacity of visual and performing arts to address moral, ethical, social and political issues relevant to Malta and the wider world. I appreciate that the arts can be challenging and provide a space for addressing social difference as well as facilitating social and cultural cohesion.
    I can interpret, communicate and present ideas, problems and arguments in a number of visual and performative modes, recognising the pluralism of audiences.
    I understand how to employ basic ethical decision-making when reflecting on my own and others’ art works and when creating art works that involve the intellectual and cultural property rights of others.
    I can apply skills and dispositions such as goal setting, working independently and collaboratively, showing initiative, experimentation and adaptability.
    I can interpret a variety of artistic forms, recognising and evaluating traditional, historical and contemporary works and identifying possible meanings.
    I understand the role of the visual and performing arts in fostering lifelong learning. I am also aware of professional arts companies, galleries, museums, cultural organisations and creative adults, in Malta and the wider world, and their role in achieving such learning.
    I value my background and everyday experiences as sources of inspiration and can relate the visual and performing arts to my immediate environment.
    I know how to learn and update my knowledge of the arts.