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Science and Technology

  • Learning Area Outcomes Framework
    Introduction to the Learning Area Outcomes
    A definition and description of the purpose of learning within the learning area:
    Learning Area Outcomes:
    I appreciate the contribution of science and technology to everyday life and to the quality of life.

    I appreciate the contribution science and technology have made in the past and how it will help create solutions for the future. 

    I am competent in my ability to use my scientific literacy to explain the natural world and to make observations, which may lead to raising questions of importance to individuals and wider society.

    I can use my appreciation of science and technology to allow me to create and innovate.

    I have critical thinking and problem solving ability and use the scientific process of inquiry to explore issues relevant to my life at the local, national and global level.

    I make observations, formulate pertinent questions, design investigations and find potential answers by assessing available evidence.

    I discuss relevant scientific and technological issues in appropriate ways with others.

    I know about natural resources, appreciate their contribution to the country and am committed to using them sustainably.

    I consider the ethical aspects of science and technology. 

    I use different learning approaches to keep  my knowledge and understanding current and continually develop my inquiry skills, critical thinking, creativity and innovation as a lifelong learner.