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Health and Physical Education

  • Learning Area Outcomes Framework
    Introduction to the Learning Area Outcomes
    A definition and description of the purpose of learning within the learning area:
    Through effectively engaging in the learning area of Health and Physical Education learners will experience a number and range of rich contexts for learning that will contribute to their overall  personal development, learning and wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of others. More specifically, learners will have opportunities to learn in and through a variety of meaningful and enjoyable contexts, including physical activity and sport and hands-on food production activities that aim to sustain, promote and enhance their physical, social, emotional and psychological health. Furthermore, the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values that learners develop through each experience will lay the foundations for successful and enjoyable learning and participation in society both now and in the future, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or ability. 

    Learning Area Outcomes:
    I can engage and learn effectively in a number of contexts both in the school and in the wider community, which will foster personal and social wellbeing. 
    I can negotiate my learning environment with my teacher and my peers to ensure meaningful, appropriate, effective and fair learning experiences which will foster personal and social wellbeing. 
    I understand that learning in and through a variety of different contexts, including physical activity and sport and healthy food production activities, will contribute to my overall health and wellbeing, including physical, social, emotional and psychological wellbeing. 
    I understand that a well-informed and balanced approach to diet and exercise can have a positive impact on my learning and my overall health and wellbeing.
    I can gain knowledge and develop skills, competencies and attitudes as well as gain confidence that will support my present overall health and wellbeing  and encourage me to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle in the future.
    I understand the nature and purpose of a variety of physical activities and sports and can use this understanding to make appropriate decisions.
    I understand that learning and performing physical activity and sports can help me to be more aware of who I am, how I learn and help me to feel positive about myself.
    I can work effectively by myself, in pairs or in small groups to enhance my learning experiences and the learning experiences of others. 
    I understand my body, its growth and development and how this can affect my learning and holistic health and wellbeing. 
    I can observe, analyse and appreciate my own performance and the performance of others to better understand the learning process and enhance my and my peers’ learning experiences. 
    ​I can discuss and (critically) reflect upon the ways in which conceptions about health, physical activity and sport, diet and body image are socially formed in order to break down barriers, change perceptions and create much fairer experiences for all.
    I understand that learning the nutritive and health value of food and participating in healthful food production activities can help me adopt a healthier diet and enhance my critical thinking, goal setting, culinary competency, self efficacy and health and wellbeing.