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Educators' Guide for Pedagogy and Assessment

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Learning Area: Languages

Russian > LEVEL 8

Subject Focus: Speaking

1] I can meet and greet someone in an informal situation, such as a relative and/or friend.
2] I can talk about my house/apartment, street, city.
3] I can participate in simple discussions on a given topic.
4] I can answer to questions about myself, my family and friends.
5] I can talk about myself and my family e.g. Какой я (характер и интересы). Мои увлечения. Моё свободное время. Моя родословная.
6] I can apologise, express gratitude, thank someone and make requests, offers, invitations in Russian e.g. Прошу прощения. Благодарю. Можно?
Разрешите вам помочь. Разрешите пригласить вас в театр.

7] I can talk about my house/flat, my town/village, Malta.
8] I can express my opinion in a conversation or in dispute.
9] I can express my consent or refusal following the Russian speech etiquette.
10] I am able to recognise and understand requests and commands.
11] I can use various forms of communication e.g. telephone, voice and video calling applications.
12] I can ask others to clarify, explain or repeat something when I do not understand.

Subject Focus: Listening

1] I can distinguish between requests, demands and orders.
2] I can understand short recorded telephone messages.
3] I can understand audio stories about friends, family and school.
4] I can understand and react to weather forecasts on television.

Subject Focus: Reading

21] I can read and understand signs, posters and headlines in Russian.
2] I can fluently read and understand academic texts, say what the text is about and answer questions based on the text.
3] I can look up information about the environment.
4] I can look up news about the world in Russian, by making use of various sources of information.

Subject Focus:  Writing

1] I can produce short texts about myself.
2] I can write about my hobbies and how I spend my leisure time.
3] I can describe things, people, animals and situations. 
4] I can use technology to express myself in writing e.g. voice and visual interactive communication applications.
5] I can fill in a form with personal information.
6] I can follow dictation and accurately write down what I hear.

Subject Focus: Sociocultural competence

1] I can obtain information from various sources about Russian traditions, culture and literature.
2] I can plan, implement and evaluate co-curricular activities in collaboration with others.
3] I am able to clarify queries and to give supplementary information to questions e.g. who, when, where, from where and how?

Subject Focus: Grammar

1] I know how to use the correct gender with nouns in all cases and the singular and plural.
2] I know how to use adjectives used as nouns e.g. столовая, русский, мороженое.
3] I know how to use common short forms of adjectives e.g. рад, весел.
4] I know how to use comparative adjectives ending in 'ee' e.g. быстрее.
5] I know how to use comparative adjectives e.g. больше, меньше.
6] I know how to express 'than' after a comparative using чем.
7] I know how to use superlatives formed with adjectives e.g. самый.
8] I know how to use forms of adverbs e.g. по-русски, по- английски.
9] I know how to use comparative forms of adverbs.
10] I know how to use demonstrative pronouns e.g. это, этот, эта, то, тот, эти, те.
11] I know how to use interrogative and relative pronouns, кто, что, какой, каждый, in all cases, singular and plural, where relevant.
12] I know how to use Тот, такой in all cases.
13] I know how to use Который, весь in all cases, singular and plural.
14] I know how to use commonly used prefixed verbs of motion e.g. приходить, прийти, уезжать, уехать.
15] I know how to use past passive participles e.g. открыт, закрыт.
16] I know how to use impersonal constructions e.g. нравиться (present tense), хотеться (present tense)
17] I know how to use common impersonal constructions for feelings e.g. мне холодно, мне тепло.
18] I know how to use time structures with and without prepositions e.g. по утрам, по субботам, в среду.
19] I know how to use duration e.gпять дней, на неделю.
20] I know how to use negative prefix 'не'  including case forms without prepositions e.g. никто, никогдаI know how to use expressions of quantity in the genitive case e.g. много, мало

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