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Educators' Guide for Pedagogy and Assessment

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Learning Area: Visual and Performing Arts

Drama > LEVEL 7

Learning Area Outcome: I can devise scripted and improvised scenes, exploring real and imaginary narratives using drama skills and theatre conventions to engage an audience.

Subject Focus: Making Drama  

1] I can plan and create a scene that will explore ideas, issues or relationships and structure it using appropriate theatre forms and conventions, such as documentary drama and thought tracking.
2] I can plan, improvise and write simple scripts or directions for a drama scene, demonstrating an understanding of characterisation, dialogue, setting and dramatic tension. 
3] I can plan for and structure, improvised drama that makes use of a range of conventions, to develop dramatic narrative such as narration or mime, marking the moment.
4] I can select appropriate lighting, sound effects, symbolic props, sets or costumes and plan to use these appropriately in the performance of a scene.
5] I can describe and interpret the dramatic elements, such as conflict, turning points and characters, in scripts and texts.

Learning Area Outcome: I can experiment with movement, expression, voice and language and use theatre arts technology to create tension, mood and atmosphere and I can adapt and sustain different roles, to enter into the fictional world of drama.

Subject Focus: Performing Drama 

1] I can perform devised or improvised scenes using a range of theatre conventions to create mood and atmosphere and to convey meaning clearly through movement and speech. 
2] I can experiment with voice and movement to create or present different characters, in improvisation and performance, sustain a role and respond in character. 
3] I can use simple lighting such as torches and sound effects, including music, props and costumes appropriately, to extend meaning and enhance a performance.

Learning Area Outcome: I can analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of the technical aspects of structure, meaning and impact of performance and I can give and receive constructive comments, on my own and others’ work.

Subject Focus: Reflecting on Drama

1] I can identify the themes and issues in my own work and that of others and suggest what made the performance effective for an audience.
2] I can discuss the choices made in deciding on and performing, the actions and reactions of characters in a performance and consider alternative responses. 
3] I can describe how simple theatre conventions, actions, production design or individual performances in a dramatic scene can enhance the audience's enjoyment and/or understanding.

Learning Area Outcome: ​I can collaborate, share ideas and respond to others, in and out of role, to support and develop actions, ideas or emotions to communicate with an audience.

Subject Focus: Working Together in Drama 

1] I can communicate confidently in groups to negotiate and plan a selection of theatre conventions, to explore situations and devise scenes.

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